Species in Amazon
Note: The list below is incomplete. You can assess the extent of its coverage by examining the references we used to assign species to this ecosystem. Note, however, that there are too many species of invertebrates for SeaLifeBase to provide you with complete species lists. You may be able to help us more on this list by sending us Internet sources or published references that we have not yet used for this ecosystem. We will encode this material, and credit you for providing it
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Lutra canadensis American river otter Mustelidae pelagic native
Noctilio leporinus Greater bulldog bat Noctilionidae demersal 4.5 native
Palinustus truncatus American blunthorn lobster Palinuridae demersal 10.000 TL native
Sotalia fluviatilis Tucuxi Delphinidae pelagic 210.000 TL native
Trichechus manatus West Indian manatee Trichechidae demersal 390.000 TL native
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